Why Abbott

Over thirty-five years ago, Abbott Capital’s founders brought a differentiated perspective as early practitioners in institutional private equity investing. Our founders observed that the long-term nature of private equity necessitates oversight by long-tenured investors. They believed that many years of private equity experience are required to develop the analytical skills, insights, relationships, and judgment needed to succeed in this asset class. Abbott Capital brings these capabilities to our clients, with these differentiating characteristics:

  • Focus: We do only one thing – build and manage private equity portfolios – which has allowed us to develop deep expertise across strategies, regions, and market cycles.
  • Discipline: Because we do only one thing, we seek to do it to the highest possible standard, honing our processes over many years.
  • Accountability: In addition to Abbott Capital’s history of accepting fiduciary responsibility, we invest significant personal capital alongside our investors.
  • Stability: Abbott Capital’s multi-generational management team allows us to retain organizational knowledge and apply that knowledge to investment judgment throughout the life of a portfolio.
  • Independence: Abbott is owner-managed and wholly independent, ensuring that our only objectives are to perform for our investors. Our model lacks conflicts often found in larger, multi-product organizations.