Abbott is proud of the relationships we have built with institutional investors seeking to establish a private equity investment program over our 35-year history as an independent manager of private equity portfolios. In all of our relationships, we have worked to maintain the trust and confidence placed in us, by acting with integrity and with a focus on the long term interests of our clients.

Since the outset, Abbott has developed values, principles, and processes designed to create thoughtfully constructed portfolios of attractive private equity opportunities. Our comprehensive sourcing and due diligence practices, paired with the relationships and reputation we have built over 30 years, have enhanced our ability to identify and access top tier, cycle-tested general partners.

Abbott understands that investing in private equity brings challenges aside from making long-term investment decisions. Abbott’s capable fund accounting and operations teams provide monitoring, administration, and detailed reporting on every investment. Abbott’s client relations team strives to provide the highest level of service to our clients through thoughtful and timely communication.

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